My urban portraits with speedlights is one of my most popular workshops running, showing you how to create amazing shots on the busting streets of London with just 1 speedlight or even a video light and a little bit of imagination.

The workshop had 7 of us, so starting at the Tate and covering 5 locations we had lots of coffee on the way to keep us and the model (Anna) warm. The shots below are from the day with some straight out of the camera with no editing, and others with a small amount of retouching.

At the end of our day everyone took some new tips and trick’s away with them along with knowing a bit more about speedlights with ¬†understanding how to control them from the camera no matter what the make of light.

The last image from the shoot and right out of the camera creating are own B&W within the camera settings using the Red filter

Pull back image from are third shoot at St,Paul’s showing you the one speed light we was using on the day fitted with grid