Ani and James’s wedding

            Ani and James Wedding Douai Abbey


            Part two, The Wedding Douai Abbey

            Ani and James wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Douai Abbey in Reading, Berkshire.

            The wedding party arrived by the coach load and started making their way into Douai Abbey to await the arrival of the bride. The bride and bridesmaids arrived in style shortly after pulling up in a lovely chauffeur driven white Bentley Limo.

            The wedding ceremony itself was a lovely full traditional service. You couldn’t expect anything less being in such beautiful surroundings. The voice of the priest was amazing as it chorused around the abbey.

            After the ceremony it was time for a few group shots before the guests, along with the bride and groom, re-boarded the coaches to make the short journey over to their reception venue, Ufton Court in Reading, Berkshire.

            Part three, Ufton Court to follow.

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            Robert Pugh
            2nd May 2013

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