Big Announcement

            Big Announcement


            Time for a big announcement. This is one I’ve been holding off on. In fact I was going to announce this on the 1st January 2017. The excitement was just too much, and I needed to shout this out to all my fellow photographers. So whats the big announcement I hear you ask!

            Phottix Big Announcement

            I’m very pleased and proud to be one of the Phottix brand ambassadors for the UK and Ireland. I find the Phottix lighting equipment provides me with fantastic lighting solutions for any situation in and out of the studio. Coupled with the Indra 500 TTL and battery pack the sky is the limit on the locations we can now use, creating some spectacular images.

            I will be sharing more behind the scenes videos and photos showing how I use my Phottix Indra 500, Mitros+ Odin II very soon. Make sure to checkout my dedicated training page for more info on up and coming workshops in your area.

            My Phottix Gear list

            Phoenix Indra 500 TTL studio flash with battery pack

            Phoenix Indra 360 TTL studio flash with battery pack

            Mitros+ Speedlights

            Odin II transmitter

            Soft boxes, Octabox, beauty dish, light stands and reflector.

            PREV. ITEM Exclusive London Christmas Lights NEXT ITEM Olympus FL900r Flash
            Robert Pugh
            16th December 2016

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