Action factory Prague

I was invited to the Action Factory in Prague to test-drive the new Olympus OMD E-M5 Mk II. The factory was an old water purification centre, with a labyrinth of underground tunnels and hide rooms. There were workshops running throughout the day covering all the new features on the camera.The first was the updated image stabilisation, and how you can use the E-M5 Mk II to create your movie from start to finish (you can even do 4-8 min clips in camera putting them all together) We all had a part in filming the movie, with mine being the car scene.The second workshop was looking at the new 40mpix senser shift function, and all I need to say is WOW. The detail is amazing, and I wish I could use the function all the time, but unfortunately it has to be tripod mounted, and for still life i.e non moving subjects.Working our way around this incredible building it was time to capture some portraits, testing the low light functions and I'm sure you will agree from the images, we are heading full frame territory with outstanding results. I was shooting hand held at 1/50th ISO 2000 F1.8 using the 45mm lens and the 25mm lens.One of the more impressive sections of the day was when we had the opportunity to use the live time mode, capturing light painting, something i've always wanted to try, and now something I'm going to look in to more!Big thank you to Olympus for creating all the workshops and my new OMD E-M5 MkII that every one is more than welcome to use for the day on one of my training workshops or streetwalks.