Ani and James Wedding Prep's

Part one, Bride and Groom preparation

The day started at the Grooms family home and then onto the Reading Lake Hotel for bridal prep shots.The day started nice and early with a quick visit to the Grooms family home where the lads were enjoying a lovely breakfast of morning pastries with coffee and orange juice.The atmosphere was very jolly and full of excitement. The early arrival of Jack Daniels just added to the high spirits as the Groom presented each of his groomsmen with a lovely engraved hip flask. It was quite a funny moment when the lads realised that none of them actually knew how to tie their cravats. The grooms attempt really wouldn't of got the gold star from Ani lol. This called for the help of youtube !!!It was time to leave the lads and head over to the Reading Lake Hotel to meet up with the bride and her party.I was greeted by a very calm and relaxed Ani. The bride's hotel room opened onto a large balcony with a lovely view of the Reading Lake.  The sun was shining and the pink champagne was flowing.Gill and Amy the hair and make-up stylists were in full swing preparing the girls for the day ahead. After capturing some stunning shots of the bride and her bridesmaids on the sun drenched balcony, I headed down to the hotel lounge where the grooms party had arrived to greet the awaiting wedding guests.It was then time for the groom to escort his guests onto the awaiting coaches to start the short journey over to Douai Abbey where they await the arrival of the bride.Part two, Douai Abbey to follow.