Bearded Man


It's a bit of a strange heading I know "Bearded Man". Let's face it. You are reading this blog so it's already got your attention. That's my first task accomplished.I was asked by Phottix if I'd be interested in covering some demonstrations at The Photography Show, Birmingham NEC. This event would be one of my first commitments after becoming a Phottix Ambassador for U.K. And Ireland along with a change of camera brand to using the Sony A7RII.Before explaining the setup I would like to introduce Pip the male model used for this shoot. You can check out his instagram for some outstanding shots. The setup was to create dramatic headshots using simple lighting. For this we used the Phottix Indra 500 with a deep 150mm softbox. The light modifier was placed above at a forty five degrees angle and four feet in front. The model was two feet from the background. I also placed a small reflector at waist height to the bearded man so that light would fill in the shadows under the eyes and chin.The camera was set to ISO 50 with f1.4 and a shutter speed of 1/800sec. By using High Speed Sync we could cut out all the ambient light around and allow us to shoot wide open at f1.4 giving us a dramatic headshots.