Bit Of Inspiration Ep 02 Film Photography


A bit of Inspiration with Joshua Allen Harris taking us through his Journey of finding his love for film photography, a rising star in the street photography world.Joshua was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he went on to study graphic design and illustration.After moving to New York City in 2004 he had the opportunity to attend the School of Visual Arts to pursue a degree in Fine Art.It was there that he explored a variety of disciplines from painting, sculpture, and video - resulting in the Air Bear project in 2008.These simple handmade street sculptures captured people's imaginations and showed Joshua firsthand the power of social media and the beauty of ephemeral art in the public space.In 2012 Joshua began exploring photography. This medium allowed him to integrate all of his creative interests and since then he has enjoyed pursuing both commercial and personal projects.He is drawn to subtle gestures, authentic moments and dynamic light. Through his work he attempts to reveal the more intimate side of our collective experience.He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife Cameron.Take a look at his work and head over to the website