Carly and Jaz Wedding at Bel Dragon Reading


Carly and Jaz's Wedding was to be held at an amazing location. This was to be my first time covering a wedding at this particular venue, the Bel Dragon Reading. It was quite an occasion as not only was it the couples wedding day, it was also only the 4th time the venue had held a wedding. So before I start, why am I so excited ? Simply put, there are two reasons. The first has to be an amazing and stunning couple with the second being its on a FRIGIN boat.It was a midweek wedding and I started at Carly's home where everything was very calm. Such a pleasure to cover with offers of tea all the time and everyone very chilled and relaxed. Its hard to take images when you meet a fellow photographer and you both have a love with gadgets. Myself and Dave (family member of the bride) started out chatting cameras and then introduced me to his drone that would be documenting the wedding later. WOW was my thoughts.

The Bel Dragon Reading

It was soon time for me to head over to the Bel Dragon Reading. Here I found Jaz very calmly letting the guests know where to go. With a quick introduction to the organiser it was time to get snapping. I was in heaven on the boat as it was light and bright with decorations flowing nicely in pastel colours.The ceremony was soon over and the group shots covered in my record time of only 15 minutes. As planned, and before the rain, myself, Carly and Jaz were chauffeur driven by their dad over to Caversham Court Gardens for the bride and groom portraits. It only took us 15 minutes to nail the shots and we were heading back to the party.The evening kicked off with the cutting of the cheese cake, and I'm talking the smelly sort, followed by the first dance. With the night coming to a close it was time for a farewell thank you cuddle from the bride, and my goodbye's to an amazing crowd who I hope to see again, whether  passing on the streets or at one of their weddings.What can I say. The food was amazing, the company was a blast, and I came away from the day knowing all the guests and making new friends! Thanks to everyone for the twitter follows.Big thank you to everyone for all your help and hospitality on the day.