Change Where We Live


Short film using the DJI Mavic about our overpopulated life we are living in the city and suburbs. Removing the countryside to build more factories, shops and houses but forgetting the natural nature around. We can take a stroll down a country pathway to try and forget about our busy life, but still be reminded where we are as the CCTV looks down on us reminding us of our surroundings.For the city living individual its getting harder and harder to get away from the hustle and bustle we have all grown to deal with on a day-day basis. Think about it. I can drive forty minutes down the road to Bracknell Forest and low and behold we have to pay £2 for an hours parking! "Its a forest" that mother nature created. So why do we have to pay for relaxation thats on our doorsteps. Maybe its because we just take this for granted.Don't get me wrong, I'm not a green peace agent undercover looking to change the world. 2017 is a New Year and I'm determine to enjoy it, getting healthy and living a better life then 2016. But on looking around for new places to walk I've noticed the old places have been replaced with building sites. When do we stop building and start reclaiming.Gibraltar is a fine example. The rock has become so over populated and with places running out to build on. "Lets face it" its a rock. They now reclaim land from around the coastline. Not only is this expanding the rock, but its changing the shape of where people live and can build.The film was all covered with the Mavic Drone and all the panning and colour grading completed inside the DJI Mavic. I’ve found a process that works very well with the colouring and to smooth out the panning with the gimbal settings.Enjoy the film and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more short films that will be coming shortly.