Chris Graeme Wedding Oakley Hall Hotel


Chris and Graeme wedding took place at the stunning Oakley Hall Hotel in Basingstoke. It was my first time shooting a wedding at Oakley Hall Hotel and not to far from my home town, so that was me already excited to cover this wedding.There is something special about gay weddings (or should I be saying same sex weddings), they are always different with lot's of surprises and fun around every corner you turn. This wedding was no expectation. With a warm greeting and the champers flowing we all headed outside for some group shots (Yes that's right group shots first). As both the groom's were getting ready togeather in the same room it was all very much chilled. A bit more like a party.

Oakley Hall Hotel Stunning Grounds

After the group shot's I took the groom's around the ground's of the Oakley Hall Hotel for some portraits of just the two of them. This also gave the couple a bit of quiet time together away from the ever increasing guests.After the portrait shoot it was time to head back to the main hall for the ceremony. Being lead in by the mother with both groom's on each arm I'm sure she was proud as punch grinning all the way down to the registrar. With live singers and guitar playing it was a truly magical moment.The rest of the day was a blast even though it started to rain on the third attempt we finally nailed the main group shot, and I think everyone was having fun seeing how fast we could complet the shot. The evening was by far my favourite moment watching the two dance the night away and boy did they have some moves.With all the evening guest joining in on the dance floor and by looking at the photos you can definitely see they were rocking the house that night. By the end of the night I was worn out with laughter, but it was worth every moment seeing everyone so happy and coming together for a spectacular night.I have to add Graeme is a production manager/director at a theatre and with most of the wedding guests from the performance I think you could only imagine how flamboyant and choreographerd the day was. My job as a wedding photographer was made very easy by Graeme from the group shots to the background shots all being very well thought out.Thanks lads for all your generosity and kind words.