ColorChecker Passport


Calibration is the key

As a professional wedding and event photographer  I am a big fan of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport. I capture images all around the globe for weddings, events, and fashion where matching the color is an absolute must.When it comes to fashion photography the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport is at the top of my list because my customers need true color match. They often need to display their photos around the globe on there websites. And no one wants to purchase a new piece of clothing and find that on delivery it looks like a very different color. Using the right tools will prevent this, keeping your customers happy with your work.When it comes to setting white point and applying a custom color profile to your raw images you have no excuse with ColorChecker Passport. It’s the first thing to come out of my bag when I’m on location or in the studio. Taking your first photo as your reference point is all you need to do during the shoot. Then just carry on with the rest of your shoot until post production.Above are my before and after images with the first shot being my reference photo at the start on the shoot and the second after adding the color profile to my images. The photos are unedited and I have only applied the color profile to the 2nd image to show the results. This will save you serious time in your workflow. Since I discovered ColorChecker Passport it has reduced my editing time dramatically. Everything can be accomplished right from one photo from worming up skin tones to setting black and white points.