Crop Sensors VS Full Frame Sensors VS Full Frame, or as Zack likes to put it, Crop or Crap, but for arguments sake he hits the nail on the head putting it in to perspective.There has been a long and on going discussion on Crop Sensors VS Full Frame, and I'm one of the minority that thinks its all a load of rubbish, and the size of the sensors in todays photography world is no longer a factor. I've gone from full frame to MFT cameras and would never go back..Zack Arias has been a photographer I've followed for some time now, and have a lot of respect for the man and his work. He keeps a very clean and undisturbed image with no messing around and keeping the images real. Take a look around his portfolio or head on over to his Blog DED PXLYes Yes he's a Fuji man, but also shoots Canon and other makes of cameras, but we shouldn't make the model of cameras dictate the people we follow "Hey I'm Olympus" but people with cannon and Nikon follow me.I'll be showcasing a different photographer each month that I think you would benefit from following.