David Boyles Wedding Robertson House Sandhurst

Robertson House, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Camberley is a spectacular place for a wedding. The building is just inside the barracks and to some people can be a bit daunting on approach. Getting your pass of the armed guards is exciting for any civilian. For myself, it was a walk down memory lane being ex-army.

David Boyles Wedding took place some weeks before as a small family gathering. The couple arranged a post-wedding that I can only describe as the wedding reception continued. With all the guests starting to arrive and David in his army, best everyone gathered outside to see the bride come. The bride arrived in style, driving up in a silver Rolls-Royce.

Robertson House Wedding Sandhurst

The drinks were flowing, and the guests deep in conversation. Robertson House is spectacular, and the history could keep you occupied for hours. With its displays of art and memorabilia, everyone was strolling around the hallways. I soon gathered everyone together for some group and family shots before the cutting of the cake.

In good army tradition, the cake was sliced with the sword by the couple in true style. Not forgetting to take the cake wrapping of first ;-) but David soon jumped in and corrected the wrapping situation.

Everyone was called to be seated in the hall for the wedding breakfast. The food looked yummy, and by the end, all the guests were full to the brim. Stright into the speeches after the meal and I must say all the guest and myself were lathing away, brilliant speeches. After the speeches, all the guests headed outside to play some games. I grabbed the couple to do some extra shots of them and the family before finishing there portraits.

The games were in full swing with some competitions taking place between the boys and girls. But over in the other corner of the field, the more experienced bunch had their games on the go.