Eva Daniele Wedding St James Church Reading


Eva and Daniele's Wedding was taking place at St James Church located in Reading Berkshire. It was a short walk to Pepe e Sale Italian restaurant for the reception. Let us start at the beginning of the day as I covered the groom getting ready. The groom was getting ready at his sisters home. With mum and pop helping their son with all the smaller details. He was soon ready in no time.After a quick cup of coffee, I decided to head over to the brides home. Much the same story as the bride was very relaxed, with all her family around. Following a short time capturing the smaller detailed shots, it was time for the bride to slip into the dress. Eva looked stunning in the elegant long wedding dress. I was soon on my over to St James Church arriving before everyone else got there. This gave me plenty of time to work out the group shots and a rainy day plan. Luckily we didn't need the rainy day plan.

Wedding St James Church

Eva rolled up in a stunning 1967 fiat 500 classic car. It was the perfect transport for a small intimate wedding. The wedding was very personal with just family. There was a slight language barrier between families. With the grooms family being Italian and the brides family being Spanish. Everything went to clockwork and the wedding service in St James Church was beautiful.From St James Church the bride and groom along with myself headed over to Caversham Court Gardens. The location is perfect for portraits of the couple. With the sun peeking through the clouds lighting up all the surrounding colours made it even better. With the portraits covered the couple departed in their classic fiat 500. Myself ahead of them as I needed to park my own car and get to the restaurant before them.Car parked and a quick dash I was at Pepe e Sale Italian restaurant just in time. The bride and groom were just walking down. The rest of the evening was very relaxed. With a small dance from the happy couple and a singer playing all kinds of songs in the background. The food was amazing and the families were happily mingling with each other. Even though there was a language barrier everyone found a way to communicate with each other.The evening soon came to an end, and the couple had to start getting ready for their holiday. They were setting off early the next day for a week's long adventure. The rest of the family were going on their own adventures. They were going to take in the sights of London before heading back to Spain and Italy.If you have a wedding planned in Spain or Italy. Please don't forget to take a look at my destination wedding packages.