Farah George London Engagement Shoot

Farah and George picked City Centre for their London Engagement Shoot, and it was a perfect day with the sun out and some amazing locations around the centre of London.As the Engagement Shoot was only starting at 3pm, I had the chance for a lazy morning packing my bags and walking to Reading train station for a slow journey in, catching up with emails and work on the way with a coffee in hand. It was precision timing as we all turned up together planing where to start. We headed off to a little jem of a place for its stunning architecture and the way it reflects the light.We covered shots from St.Pauls steps, to the back alleyways of London. I don't know who was more excited, me for the locations, or Farah and George for how relaxing it was having their Engagement Shoot on the streets, as George is a big photography lover along with being an Olympus user like myself.I'm sure George was taking notes along the way!Big thanks to the both of you, and look forward to our next shoot in Blackpool.