Fashion Portrait In The studio

It was a fully booked, fun packed full to the brim fashion portrait workshop, with everyone taking in the demonstrations from myself and Gavin Hoey.Everyone started to arrive at 10am and were greeted with a nice hot coffee, allowing the group to mingle with friendly introductions before being moved to the small, but some what cosy studio. It was Gavin Hoey up first, demonstrating small lights and non expensive gobos. It's amazing what you can do with a single speedlight and a cup full of holes.After throwing in some background lights and grid's, everyone had a chance to capture some images before the morning demonstration came to an end for lunch. The group had the opportunity to look over the images from the morning workshop over a spread of finger sandwiches and a glass of wine.With the lunch break over, it was soon time for the afternoon demonstration. I kicked off this afternoon's demonstration by firstly explaining how my thoughts for my desired image were put together, and what I was looking for as my end result. With a quick look in to my notebook it was time to start building the set. We started with a small key light, that followed by adding background lights and gels. It all came together nicely.

Fashion Portrait Breakdown

I'm not going to say it was all plan sailing thats for sure. Whats a shoot without getting a wrong image, or something not quite working! Thats why we do what we do, so everyone gets to see a real world shoot, and not a shoot thats recreated time and time again. The gallery contains images from both myself and Gavin from throughout the day.My images are all un-edited, and straight out of camera, with myself using the Olympus OMD EM5MKII with the 45mm f1.8.My camera settings did not change at all through out the whole shoot, and I was set at ISO200 1/250 F8 with a custom WB using the expo-Disc. We were using the Profoto B1, B2 and the D1 Light heads with modifiers.We all had lots of fun, and a big thanks to everyone for attending. By looking at twitter and Facebook everyone came away with some stunner images.

Meet The Team

Big thanks to Michelle from Court On Camera for the makeup and styling, Amber Tutton our amazing model for the day and Gavin Hoey for covering the morning demonstration.