Top 5 Flash Tips

Use a manual or TTL triggering system like the pocket wizard FlexTT5 and the Mini TT1 to use any flash that has a manual or TTL capability control, this can save you thousands in expensive studio lighting  and will greatly increase accuracy and control of light!The trick is learning how to nail the right exposure with your speedlights within "one or two" clicks which can be learned with the right instructions.

5 Great Tips for off camera lighting

  • Place the speedlight as close as possible to your subject will greatly reduce the flash power and improve the quality of light.
  • Use a shoot thru umbrella for studio quality light and a fast set up.
  • when outdoors in bright light gang more than one flash together to achieve proper exposures and rich colours.
  • Keep shooter speeds below 1/200 if using a Cannon of 1/250 if using a Nikon for other cameras look at your manual.
  • To use lower Fstops in bright light use a ND filter to keep your shutter speed below your cameras flash sync speed.

The most accurate and most popular triggers amongst photographers are the Pocket Wizards and EL Skyport Speed