Food On The Streets

A passion of mine is street photography and seeing the way people of today rush around oblivious to whats going on right in front on them at any one time. I'm also a keen lover of food, but not your typical big Mac, although I do have one from time to time.The food I love is what I would call international cuisine, from fresh fish to the smell of curry powder being cooked on the streets as you walk by.So before the wedding's of this year really kick off  into full swing I thought is was time to break out the old OM-2 film camera for some shots on the streets. There is something about film I just love, but if you ask me "why" I just can't explain. With my photography my style is to imitate old film in the digital world we now live in before film is lost forever.

My top film rolls are as followed:

Kodak UltraMax 400 cool+,  Kodak Ektar 100 +Blue,  Kodak Portra 160+ and if your looking to recreate film try VSCO FilmThere are a lot of photographers out there that have never picked up a roll of film and have only been shown the digital way! All I can say is you don't know what you have missed, and I strongly suggest picking up a second hand camera off eBay and giving it a go. Its just that feeling you get when the print is scanned in and the final product is on the wall "I did that"