Gadget Show Live

Gadget Show invited to cover the Live stage for Olympus UK on a topic of the OMD EM-10 using the Wifi function of the camera. This turned out to be 6 days of fun! but by the end I must admit a very tiring week.On Tuesday the day was dedicated to the press, with no live stage running but instead concentrating on all the questions and demos for the bloggers of the world. I even got a chance to do a selfie with "Jason" one of the presenters of the Channel 5 TV show.After a good nights sleep it was up early to set up the stand for the public and the Live stage and prep for my first live demo of the OMD EM-10 at 11am. All went to plan, and over the next 3 days saw lots of bums on seats enjoying my flash to portrait shoot with WiFi and a quick edit before tweeting the results out to the world.On the day we were also using the Westcott iceLights and their vintage background range, both proving to be perfect for the job, using the barn-doors that are dedicated add-ons for the iceLights was just the trick to give you more control of the light for the direction you needed it.With a nice clean light source and running on there own power for the duration of the shoot the backup battery packs were never used but was always to hand if I needed them.Saturday and Sunday had to be the hardest of the days with the Gadget Show Live a complete sellout, and ohhhhh boy you could tell with the amount of people I chatted too over the days!. Personally  myself, all in all, I think Olympus made a big impact with such a small camera and the team enjoyed talking to each and every one of you.See you all next year!!!