HA BAKER Photography Street Walk

It was a trip down to East Sussex at HA BAKER for morning and afternoon photography streetwalk around the small village with a lot to offer, including there spectacular castle only a few minutes walk away from the camera store.With everyone arriving, and after a welcome coffee, we headed out of the camera store to start covering some street photography. The first stop was the castle with its winding staircases and climbing steps throughout the gardens and castle walls. After spending some time at the castle we decided to walk the long way back to the store trekking down the hills through back alleys and around the gardens before realising we now have to climb the hills!.Really good bunch of photographers, and I love the store and enjoyed my time with them throughout the day.I used my Olympus OMD EM5 MKII with the 17mm f1.8 Lens along with the locational use of the 45mm f1.8 Lens.This is my pano of 3 images stitched together using the new Lightroom Pano tool in CC with all images being taken hand held and exposer locked to keep the consistency across the photos.