Hayley Benji Wedding Fison Barn Earth Trust


Hayley and Benji's Wedding was at the stunning Fison Barn Earth Trust located in the heart of Didcot Oxfordshire. Lets rewind to the morning of the wedding. With the sun beaming down and my arm hanging out of the window of my car. I started the drive to Hayley's parents home for bride preparations. I arrived slightly early and was welcomed by a tall lady in a dressing gown wearing bright red high heels. Could this be the end of the yellow brick road I asked myself!Sadly no. It was Hayley's mum making use of the morning to break in her new wedding shoes. With all the girls at the hairdressers I had time for a coffee and to start the detail shots. The dress looked stunning and the details on the bride's shoes caught my eye. Not to mention the bedroom curtains that Hayley pulled down with trying to hang the dress on earlier that day. (So I was told) and not to mention it to dad just yet ;-)With all the girls now in full swing getting ready the light was perfect in the conservatory for capturing what can only be described as an enjoyable, emotional and fun time. The bride and the bridesmaid's looked stunning as they walked in looking a million dollars. After a couple of snaps it was time for me to make the short journey to St Helens Church.After arriving at the church and seeing the groom, all the guest's started to arrive. Not long after the bride turned up with emotional happy tears rolling down her cheek. With her dad and bridesmaids at hand and a deep breath, onward they headed. The ceremony was lovely with a bright and airy church, not to mention the readings. There was one thing that did keep catching my eye in the church. This was the Jack Russell Dog so well behaved and wearing his best bandana.Outside was a vintage steam roller with a carriage attached to slowly whisk the couple away. The steam roller had sentimental values to the couple and was only just restored in time for the wedding. We all started to head over to Fison Barn Earth Trust located in Didcot. About a fifteen minute drive. Fison Barn Earth Trust is a stunning venue to have your wedding/reception. With the many barns on hand and the mouthwatering BBQ smells rolling around the courtyard. With all the locations to use for photos and the spectacular countryside surrounding us, we were spoilt for choice.My mind was on overdrive with all the shots I could capture. I had to refrain from this or I would of been walking the couple for miles ;-) So after a short while the couple re-joined their family and friends for drinks and to kick the evening off. Ok this Blog is turning into a school boys assignment. So I'm going to fast forward to the end or I'll be turning this into a 1000 word document. But seriously there is so much to talk about.The speeches had me giggling to myself with cardboard cutouts and images being shown on a projector (that should have been censored). But hey we have seen it all right?. Or at least thats what I'm saying. With the cake cut and the dancing started it was time for me to slip away into the night and drive away in to the yonder hills. If I didn't slowly slip away I truly think I would have been there till the end. With the couples hospitality and already knowing most of the guest's from a previous wedding I covered for the family. What more could I say.Big thanks to everyone at the wedding. With 104 images in this blog post enjoy! (so many to pick from I couldn't make it smaller)