Helen & Adam's wedding

Helen and Adam's wedding took place at the amazing Wokefield Park in Berkshire but the day didn't start there!As Helen was up early to make her way to Finn Hair salon over in Woodley we decided to start the bride preparations over at the family home where all the bridesmaids would be getting ready. As soon as I arrived the cameras were out of the bag and I was well in to the detail shots over a nice cup of coffee from Mum.It wasn't long before Helen came back from having her hair done and helping everyone else get ready. I must say all was very relaxed, and what a change that made from my normal rushing around!After I got some discreet shots of the family getting ready, and Helen slipping in to her dress, it was time for me to set off to the church. The Wesley Methodist Church is located in the heart of Reading so I knew I had my work cut out for me getting there as traffic can be crazy at that time of day.The good old iPhone directed me all the way missing the traffic so I had some free time to photograph the church with only the groom and best men in there. What an amazing church! and I have to say packed to the brim with all the guest's once they arrived. After the ceremony it was Tea & Cake for everyone "I was first in the queue for my cake" and then we did the cutting of the wedding cake before heading to the reception venue.Over at Wokefield Park me and the bride and groom arrived ahead of all the guest's so we could have some free time together capturing their portraits before the group shots. This was the first time I've done it this way round but with daylight not on our side it worked a treat!The rest of the day went to perfect plan, with everyone enjoying there food, and the speeches being over, then before you knew it everyone was getting ready to dance the evening away to the band.After the first dance and mingling shots it was time for me to say my goodbyes. Big thank you to Helen and Adam for all their hospitality throughout the day.