Jessops Convention

As a new Sony Ambassador I was asked to cover the Jessops Convention located at The Oxford Belfry Hotel. On the day I was demonstrating the Sony A7RII camera and lighting setups using the Phottix Indra 500. We decided to keep the lighting setup simple and easy to recreate. For doing this we used 2 Phottix Indra and one umbrella with grid attached. The other light simply had a reflector to stop the light spilling all over the room.I had the pleasure of Matti Hemmings Pro BMXer / Brand Ambassador 3 x Guinness World Record Holder Founder UK Flatland BMX Championships Presenting. To start we were going to cover a simple Headshot then change lens from the Sony 85mm G Master Lens to the 35mm FE lens. This would allow us to capture a wider shot for Matti to perform a trick on the BMX.Sony Ambasidor Robert PughWe were shooting all the shots at f2.8 and using High Speed Sync to freeze the action. This allowed us to have a shutter speed of 1/500 second ISO400 in a bright room. We needed to use the high shutter speed to drown out the ambient light from the tungsten lights above us.The background was supplied by Click. Click Props has an abundant background collection featuring over 360 unique designs. These range from forest scenes to damask wallpapers, distressed wood floors to colourful florals. These backgrounds are all designed by their in-house digital artists and manufactured here in  Great Britain.All the shots were taken using the Sony A7RII Camera along with using the vertical grip. This is my preferred setup so I can have two batteries on the go at any given time. When I'm covering a shoot the last thing on my mind is batteries. Although as I was taking my SD card out for every shoot to allow others to use my camera, there were times I forgot to re put my own SD card back into the camera.Things happen and its all part of covering a live demo. The most important thing is to turn it into a joke and to show others the importance of checking everything before you start.I have to say what a brilliant day we all had at the Jessops Convention and a big thanks to Sony and Jessops.