Jessops Store Photography Image Festival


It's the time of year when Jessops Stores up and down the country come together for an annual Image Festival. For myself, this means it's time to organise some photography streetwalks. This year my streetwalks took place around the town of Reading and Birmingham City Centre, both in conjunction with Olympus.

Image Festival

What is an Image Festival. More importantly what can it offer the photographer attending on the day. Well let's get started. I will try and explain a little more. Hopefully come next year you're then all ready for signing up and attending a wealth of photography knowledge from around the country.It all starts with a bunch of camera ambassadors from all the leading manufacturers. Over the seven day Image Festival, up and down the country, the manufactures plan portrait, streetwalks and presentations. The best bit is that its all free for you to attend. All you have to do is book on and bring your camera on the day. It's a chance to try out new lenses and cameras along with picking a pro photographers brains for the day.I had the pleasure in hosting two streetwalks during the Image Festival for Jessops and Olympus . I'm now all talked out from the huge amount of questions and answers covered over the course of each day. More importantly, I managed to answer everyone's questions. I'm expecting lots of practising and thinking from the attendees for weekends to come. I do think the Image Festival is an amazing opportunity for you the photographer. The camera stores are now thinking more about what the customer would like, and not just about the profit made for the stores by the end of each day.

It's all for you

Camera stores and suppliers have found out the hard way. It's more about creating a data base of happy customers who are dedicated to using their local stores in this digital shopping world we now live in. It's all so easy sitting with a coffee at the computer ordering your new camera and accessories. Personally, I like that one to one customer service where you enter a store and you are know by name and greeted with a welcome back handshake. To me that's golden, and for that I'll always support my local store.A big thanks to everyone for attending, and Jessops and Olympus for making this happen.