Jodie and Paul Wedding

 As I arrived at the Calcot Hotel in Reading for the start of the bride preps, I was shown to the room to be greeted by the girls through a huge cloud of smoke as they had the hairdryers working to full capacity. With all the girls busy trying to finish getting ready and with the clock ticking what seemed like faster by the minute, I had managed to capture a number of shots so I decided to vacate the room to give the girls more space and start my journey over to the ceremony venue, St Peters Church in Earley, Reading.

On arrival at the church I was greeted by Paul and his groomsmen who were casually welcoming the wedding guests as they arrived. With the majority of the guests all seated with a few standees at the back, the church was at full capacity, it was now time to await the arrival of the bride and her wedding party. The Groom and the guests waited and they waited and they waited some more. After some 30 minutes or so the bridesmaids arrived with a sigh of relief from the groom but alas still no bride. Being over fashionably late by a whole 45 minutes the bride arrived and the ceremony got underway.

After the ceremony there was time for some quick shots in the church grounds before heading back to The Calcot Hotel for the wedding reception.

After a brief drinks reception the guests were seated to a wedding breakfast before I whisked the couple away to capture a few portrait shots before rejoining them back with their wedding guests to enjoy the remainder of the day and evening celebrations.