Jonathan Moodie Wedding Oakley Court Windsor

My smaller wedding photography packages are becoming more and more popular amongst my wedding clients. Jonathon was flying over from Sweden for a surprise wedding for all his family. We have been talking for some time and decided that five hours was plenty for his wedding day.

The wedding was at The Oakley Court Hotel Windsor. This was the original film set for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A fabulous location for a wedding with its British countryside castle atmosphere. The wedding would be a small intimate family wedding with all the Swedish family members present.

The Oakley Court Hotel Wedding

The ceremony was Beautiful as the couple walked down the aisle together.  With the light beaming through the windows, it was definitely a challenging ceremony, but we captured the beauty of it as the couple said that I was to each other.

After the ceremony, we are headed outside for champagne and beers in the gardens. It was tiring to cover the group shots, so I picked a location nearby that also showed this magnificent castle in the background. The great shots only took a short amount of time and then I whisk the couple off into the grounds for the bridal portraits.

When it comes to the couple’s portraits, we were spoiled for choice, the grounds were stunning with those tall trees and beautiful flowers surrounding us. We picked three locations giving totally different looks to each picture. After 20 minutes or so, we join back with the rest of the guests and carry down and join the drinks.

Wedding Breakfast

It was time for food, and the wedding breakfast table had been laid. The Oakley Court Hotel did a stunning job of decorating the room and laying out the table, it was indeed a magnificent place fit for a bride and groom. After the couple had eaten and the speeches were finished, it was time to say my goodbyes but not before one last shot. I took the couple to the front of the hotel for one more breathtaking shot.

I’d just like to wish the couple all the happiness for years to come and congratulations on their wedding day.