Josh Louise Wedding Lythe Hill Hotel Guildford

Josh Louise Wedding took place at the stunning Lythe Hill Hotel located in Guildford. It was my first time covering a wedding at Lythe Hill Hotel and hopefully not my last. The moment you drive into the venue and look around at the location, with its stunning buildings and grounds.The bride preparations were well on the way, with the drinks flowing and the girls giggling away. Me and David the videographer started making plans for shooting locations, where we were going to cover the group shots and portraits. After scouting around, we started on the detail shots and before you could blink it was time for the ceremony.

Wedding By Lake Lythe Hill Hotel

The lake was just behind the couple as they told there vows to each other, with all the guests enjoying the fresh air of the countryside. It was an emotional day with the bride's friends taking the time to sing to the guests. The voices were amazing; it was like being in the opera house as they entertained everyone. With the couple signing the register, I honestly think they were oblivious to the wedding guests amazement of this performance.After covering the group shots and the couples portraits, we headed to the gazebo for the wedding reception. The gazebo decorated like a palace, with a wall of flowers and a cake towering the tables. The speeches captivated everyone with there storeys and tails, but the best man indeed took first place. The best man's speech was a song rap, and a story all rolled into one.With the first dance covered and imitations flying high, as the bride made time for her father. Dad and daughter dancing away on the floor was indeed a magical moment.The night came to an end for me as I wished the couple all the best and made my way home.Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-205-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-214-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-223-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-224-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-254-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-264-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-279-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-300-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-320-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-415-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-478-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-506-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-509-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-558-W Josh-Louise-Wedding-15-07-17-631-W