Kathryn and Joshua Wedding

 Kathryn and Joshua wedding started off at the parents house for the bride preps. When I arrived the house was already in full swing with all the bridesmaids and friends around. I was welcomed with a nice cup of coffee giving me time to setup.This was a wedding with a personal touch, with the bridesmaids doing the brides hair and makeup down to the wedding dress being made by a friend of the family.The rain had just stopped and it was time to head off to the church and catch up with the groom and his bestman. The church was the perfect size for the wedding with its narrow halls and high ceiling reflecting on the personal touches placed around the seating.After the ceremony we made our way over to the Barn in Reading for the evening reception where we covered the group shots and some portraits of the happy couple.There was a twist to this reception where the mother of the bride gave the speech and then the bride had her turn, giving the groom a rest for a change. I must admit it was a surprise but a nice one at that!The night soon come to an end for me. After a quick turnaround we had a dance floor then before you could blink it was the first dance followed by party time and games.