Katriina and Emma Wedding

The girls chose the lovely Penny Hill Park hotel for their big day and as we have covered previous weddings there I'm already excited about the shots we can cover at the venue.I met with the couple bright and early to begin their prep shots. Both girls were very calm and relaxed just taking the excitement of the day in there stride, relaxing on the bed watching each other's preps along with a text or two (I must admit i've never come across such a relaxed couple in front of the camera the morning of the wedding).Neither of the brides had any of there own jewellery so they called upon close friends to bring a selection of there finest pieces, and each of the brides chose a necklace and bracelet each as their borrowed item for the day complementing there amazing dresses that they got from america.I could do the whole blog just on the dresses and if you could have the perfect wedding dress but just slightly different for the two girls then they totally pulled that one off!. I found the perfect point to capture the image of the dress (hanging them over the banister of an amazing stairwell reflected in the most enormous mirror you have seen).The Ceremony was held outside in the terrace pavilion located in the heart of the stunning hotel gardens. The sun was shinning and the girls looked gorgeous as they walked each other down the aisle. It was like out of a movie seeing them emerge from the top in stunning dresses as the sun gave a rim light around them both.After the ceremony the guest's enjoyed a drinks reception and canapés in the courtyard before being seated to a wedding breakfast. There are definitely some speeches I can not repeat, but all I can say is everyone was in a roar of laughter with some red blushing!It was my second same sex wedding of the weekend and I have to say they definitely know how to party.The evening kicked off with a live band to get the guest's up on there feet, and a games room was laid out with a wii computer console and our ever popular photo booth for all to enjoy, and boy did that Photobooth get lively and full. The band was amazing with keeping the floor alive and the energy flowing well into the early morning.By 11:30pm it was time to call it a night, so headed over to say my goodbyes but one of the girls was so in to the dance floor I only got to say thank you and goodby to one (you're both amazing and total party animals!! not to mention the LOUD Bunch, yes you know who you are!)