Kim and Matthew Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough


Kim and Matthew's wedding was held at a stunning location. The Best Western Plus Orton Hall Peterborough. Lets go back a day and start from the beginning.Being based in Reading, Berkshire I know how bad the traffic can be getting too destinations around the M25. If I'm photographing at a location more then 2 hours away from home or a certain amount of milage I always opt to stay in a Hotel the evening before. There is nothing worse then panicking over traffic and not arriving in good time to capture the bride preparations. Lucky for me, there was a room availability in the Orton Hall Peterborough.

Orton Hall Peterborough.

Upon arriving at Orton Hall, checking in and having a good look around was the perfect plan, as this gave myself a head start in the venue layout ahead of the big day. I decided to have an early night that followed by a lovely welcomed full english breakfast. 11am soon came around so I made my way up to room 146 where the bride was getting ready in a very relaxed room with her mother and bridesmaid.With the preps finished, I dashed back downstairs to the pub that is attached to the hotel. Here is where I found the groom having a quick pint before the ceremony. It was soon time for the ceremony to start. The bride looked stunning walking down the aisle towards her future husband. Surprisingly for this wedding there is strictly no photography during the ceremony. This is a new one on me. Up until now I have never been told I wasn't allowed to photograph during the ceremony. Apparently its a standard Peterborough rule, although the registrars did allow me take one shot of the rings being exchanged, and another of the first kiss as husband and wife.With the major shots completed, and everyone starting to relax following the ceremony and wedding breakfast, we were soon into the evening with the happy couples first dance getting the evening celebrations underway. After capturing the evening it was soon time for me to hit the road to make a start on getting ready for the next wedding in the morningBig thanks to everyone on the day. Even though it rained, we all worked our magic still managing to capture all the required shots throughout the day.