Laura David Wedding Elephant Pangbourne


Laura and David's Wedding took place at the amazing and elegant Elephant Pangbourne. The fun didn't start here. The girls were over the road having their hair styled at Finn Hair and Beauty salon. After a quick pitstop, I took a couple of shots before heading back to the Elephant Hotel. On route, I picked up the bride's room key so I could make a start on the finer detailed shots.Meanwhile, the lads were all busy getting ready in the room down the corridor. Once all the detail shots were finished I decided to head down to their room. Cramming into a small room with 3 men was a challenge. Let's face it, us blokes aren't the tidiest of people without direction. I managed to get all the preps shots covered from both the bride and grooms room.  I even had time to view the main room on route to the church.The church, St James the Less was only on the corner of the road opposite the Elephant Pangbourne. With its tall stain-glass windows and long walkways, it was definitely one to photograph in. Did I mention that half the guests had a passion for photography? My talent was spotted during The Photography Show at Birmingham NEC whilst I was presenting on the live stage.

Elephant Pangbourne Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful. I had free movement around the church whilst the ceremony was underway. This was a blessing for me as it's very rare for this to happen during the ceremony. Following a couple of readings and hymns, the ceremony was soon over. It was time to head outside for the good old throwing of the confetti. The confetti smelt amazing as the couple chose lavender seeds for something different.Once the guests had congratulated the new bride and Groom they enjoyed a drinks reception and canapes. I joined the couple as we drove off in the wedding car. I did offer to meet the couple at the next location but they insisted that I joined them. The car was outstanding and I was certainly blessed having been given the pleasure to ride in it. Arriving at our location making our way over the bridge my mind was on overdrive planning the couples portrait shots.

Wedding Breakfast

With the portraits, all covered we made our way back to the Elephant Pangbourne. Upon arriving all the guests were soon ready for the group shots. With the group shots covered we managed to miss all the rain.  It was then time for all to be seated for the wedding breakfast. It was also time for a welcomed break for myself. After everyone had finished their food the speeches took place followed by coffees in the lounge. Before we knew it the evening was in full swing with the cutting of the cake and the first danceThe evening celebrations included our PhotoBooth. With the drinks flowing and everyone grabbing a prop. All were having a fun time in the PhotoBooth. The night was certainly on its way.Big thanks to everyone for all your hospitality on the day and in the evening.