Laura & Shaik Yasin's Wedding

I was asked to cover Laura and Shaik Yasin's wedding. This was going to be a very discreet and intermit day with just two witnesses (Mum and Dad) along with me and a very talented guitar player. As I usually cover weddings from 150-200 guest's, this had to be in my calendar. One thing I love is the personal approach so this wedding was high on my list to cover.The ceremony was amazing with even the register bursting out crying over the reading Laura did to Shaik Yasin with me almost filling up too! but I managed to keep the emotions in. When it came to the portrait shots the heavens opened up. The couple had only booked me for a couple of hours so I asked them if they would like the portraits done on a different day with the sun out "Yes, Yes Please" with a joy of happiness they replied.We arranged a couple of days later to meet up and had an amazing morning, as you can see from the photos with the sun shining and even a chance to pop on the suit and dress from the day! a very happy couple.I always try to bend the rules in wedding photography to give the couple the best images from the day.