LCE Norwich Studio Portraits

Time to head back up to London Camera Exchange in Norwich for Olympus as they kindly invited me to run a studio portrait workshop from their shop (they have a small studio above the shop) so how could I resist the opportunity to get out my Profoto B2 and book a model for the day!It's a long drive for me taking over 3 hours, so I travelled up the evening before, but not to be on my own as I headed out for a meal with a couple of friends for the night. The next morning it was an early start so we could get down to the camera store as it opens to allow us time for setting up.The day was a massive success with the morning and afternoon workshops being full, covering everything from side lighting to butterfly lighting, how to light the background and separation lighting.Everyone got the chance to take images and I was bombarded by questions throughout the day, but I think I managed to answer all of them!Big thanks to LCE Norwich & Olympus for supporting the event.