Light Blue future

Its a Light Blue Future

It's a Light Blue Future and it's about to get even better thanks to their hard work. Light Blue is a photographers dream taking over the day to day running of your appointments, diary and invoicing. Yes its a photo management software and in my opinion the best in the market.

A sneak peak

We were all invited along to the Apple Store on Regent Street London for their big announcement of the all new Light Blue that has been completely revamped for a more clean look and feel. Well it was a sell out with not a free seat in the store so for the next hour Hamish would give us all a demo and by the look on everyones face we were all sold on the upgrade. The new version will be available the beginning of January 2013 with exsisting customers getting a reduction on the price to upgrade but even at full price no photographer should run his or her business without it.


Apple don't allow recording in their stores, the lads down at Light Blue have put together a screencast of there talk so you too can see just how exciting this new version is.

Drinks on Light Blue

After the launch of the new software it was time to head over to the local for some free time to chat and mingle. We spent the next hour having a nice glass or two of wine "thanks" and getting to know the developers. So if your a photographer needing help organise your workflow and days, this is for you, and I suggest you take a look at the Light Blue website for a free trial "it's that good"