Lillibrooke Manor Jane Arthur Wedding

Jane and Arthur had not been together for very long and decided this year would be different. They decided to get married at Lillibrooke Manor Maidenhead. Lillibrooke Manor Is a stunning location for a wedding with its great barn and outbuildings that surround it.

It was a small wedding with family members and a few friends, After speaking with Jane a couple weeks ago, we both agreed two hours wedding photography would capture everything they're looking for. As I arrived and introduced myself to the bride and groom, I had some time to look around and take the venue shots.

The ceremony was beautiful with the groom stepping in with reading for everyone. After the service, we all headed outside for group shots and a balloon launch. Would you believe we had to get clearance from air traffic control at White Waltham Airfield for the balloons? Lucky for us Lillibrooke Manor organiser was hot on the case, and we had a green light for takeoff.

Everyone soon headed in as myself and the bride and groom started there portraits. Not long after we joined everyone in the main barn. It was time for the wedding breakfast to be served and the evening entertainment to start, but that’s where it ends for me.

I packed my cameras away and headed over to the couple for one last congratulation before I departed.