Livia & Dominick E-Shoot

Livia initially contacted me to cover their wedding day, but due to my high demand for wedding photography this year, their date was not available for me to cover as I was already booked. Livia liked my work and photography style so much that she decided to book me for a date after the wedding to cover some shots around Reading, so I was more than happy to arrange a date that worked well for both of us!We chose a Sunday for a mid-morning walk around Reading, and what a fantastic day it turned out to be with the sun out and the chance for me to put my shorts on for what may be the last bit of the british summer.It wasn't hard spotting Livia and Dominick walking over the Caversham bridge as they both looking amazing! They used the shoot as a second opportunity to put their wedding outfits on, with Livia wearing a stunning vintage wedding dress that looked perfect for her!The couple of Hours flew by but we managed to get some stunning shots that I've edited into a vintage look to match the couples theme and style. I would have loved to of covered the couple's full wedding, but on the other hand I'm so proud that they arranged this shoot after the wedding just so they could have me as their photographer.Thank you Livia & Dominick