Lucy & Scott's London Engagement Shoot

Lucy & Scott decided to have their Engagement Shoot in one of my favourite city locations "London" and what a day we had finding amazing backdrops down back streets and small alleyways.We decided to meet up at 11:00am in the Paddington train station where we would make our move to the first location, but easier said than done due to underground closers, but after a bit of planing and train hopping we finally made it to south walk (with the help of Scott's Tube App). We only crossed the road and stumbled upon an amazing location tucked away for our first shoot.Scott had this amazing vintage flat cap I absolutely loved and was already thinking Polaroid and Vintage colours for the day! (he is actually renovating an old vintage push bike to cycle to the church on, on the day of their wedding) so we started some individual portraits.After covering various locations we ended up in Starbucks for a coffee and a chat before getting ready for the final two locations. This was a statue made up as a leaf and with the help of a speedlight illuminating the couple  gave some stunning results.The shoot came to an end on St'Pauls Cathedral steps as we parted until the wedding. I still had time to capture some detail shots of London for them.