It was time for my annual leave and this year I decided to head to Mexico for the blistering heat and the rich colourful buildings, the perfect place to take my old classic Leica M6 film camera and part two of my film project.Photography EquipmentI decided to take 6 rolls of film from Fuji Colour 400H, Prov 400, TRI-X 400 and lastly Ekta 100. It's going to be a full on two weeks, but hopefully with some amazing results going old school. But as you probably know going old school means hand writing all the metadata, so for that I've got my trusty Ted Baker Pen (my birthday present from my better half) and my Field Notes book safely in my leather bound cover.Ok let's get started. It was the night before the holiday (yes cheesy I know) and we stayed in the Hilton north terminal at Gatwick Airport for what I can only describe as a dream room. The morning followed with their hearty breakfast, making check-in relaxing and stress free.Lisa at the Hilton Hotel Gatwick AirportFlying with Thomson to Mexico was the right choice as we were on their new state of the art Dream Liner aircraft with its mood lighting and free complimentary drinks. The Dream Liner was to be our home for 12 hours! But thats's to be no problem with the mood lighting, TV screens with movies on tap, and the bigger state of the art dimmed tinted and larger than normal windows. So as I'm jotting down these first couple of paragraphs, I'm just two hours into my flight and already watched one blockbuster movie and savoured my first in flight alcoholic beverage. So far the flight has been very smooth with little nose from the RollsRoyce engines pushing us along.Thomson Dream Liner AirplaneAlthough the Dream Liner had high scores from me for size and comfort, I must say that the food on the outbound flight was very disappointing. With a smaller then the usual standard flight meal serving of what can only be described as a shrunken half portion of chicken breast, half a potato cut into cubes and a couple of premature baby carrots. The second inflight snack about 1hour 45minutes before landing was a hot drink and a scone! The best part about the on board flight menu was all the wine and beer was free as supply's last. Although yes we did run out of Stella around 8 hours into the flight.Thomson Dream Liner AirplaneThomson Dream Liner Airplane

Mexico Tequila Sombreros

Landing at Mexico Airport was an experience with the bag collection and the passport control. Its not like other Airports where we have machines to unload and load the bags. Its all accomplished by hand, one bag at a time. Immigration cards are handed out on the flight so you can fill them in during the long journey getting yourself prepared to hopefully save time once inside the airport. Oh no, that wasn't the case !! What you don't realise is that once inside the airport you also need to complete a customs form. Yes this held things up greatly with the queues through immigration and customs slowly getting longer, but all aside, we got through in the end and was soon on the coach after surviving the crowd of timeshare reps. Boy was it hot, touching 100 degrees and the sweat running down the drivers face as he loaded our cases onto the old, but air conditioned coach. The cool thing I liked about Mexico is all people can still ride on the back of pickup trucks. You see family's of five sitting on the back of the trucks, or workers loaded in the back as they travel to work.Mexican TransportThe Hotel was nothing short of amazing, full of colour and palm trees all around. This was a 5 star all inclusive resort with two main buffet restaurants and five al a carts that you can visit as many times as you liked through out your stay. (did I mention the snack bar open all day and night) yes I was in for a full on 2 weeks.Decameron All Inclusive ResortWe arrived at around five O'Clock, so with quick look at the room with the biggest bed you have ever seen it was straight to the bar for our first drink and to explore around the complex. Well there were six swimming pool's and beach bars to get around, and a list of cocktails to get through.Decameron All Inclusive ResortThe beaches and streets in Mexico are nothing short of breathtaking with golden sand, blue sky's, and surprisingly very clean. The locals are friendly and always polite.Mexico colourful streetsMexico colourful streets clean and quiet What you will notice in Mexico is that Mexicans like their food. They have come up with the best way of making themselves look skinny and gorgeous. First get a skinny friend, then have her body printed on a long T-Shirt, place this over your head and boom you're the next beach babe looking amazing after that full cooked breakfast.Lady's on the Mexican BeachThere are birds everywhere you look and "No" I don't mean them sort of birds, I'm talking about the flying ones, and boy there big! They just seem to hang in the sky without flapping their wings as they ride on the currents in the wind.Bird in the Blue sky enjoying the sunMan claiming the palm trees in MexicoThe hotel had its very own Iguana tree. Iguanas  were everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. From up the trees, along the grass and at the back of the kitchen doors. Their amazing animals, and I quite often found myself just standing there watching them and the way they moved. iguanas up a free in the hotel grounds iguanas at the back of the kitchens Lets look more of the streets around and what they have to offer. Just a short walk outside the Hotel brings plenty of exploring, followed by us then sampling the local transport. The bus service is very cheap and easy to use, just don't sit at the front of the bus with the door never closing.local Mexican streets close to the HotelMexican local food storeMexican Taxi on the streetsWe had the chance to head in to the jungle for the day and visit the other side of the bay. The transport would be an old Russian 4x4, and boy what a fun day we had trying to drink beer in the back as we zoomed along terrine such as dried up river beds. The drinks were going everywhere, but I managed to have three refills and drank them all.The yellow transport for the dayLocal place to eatDried up river bedWe ended up in the main town after catching two buses with my Spanish coming in very handy as I chatted to the local traffic officer to ask directions and bus times.Boats on the Mexican seaSandy beach in MexicoMexican swimming in the deep blue seaAnd thats Mexico. My time has come to an end in this amazing and powerful country. Its changed my look and what I expected from the poor wandering the streets, and the Mexican gangs being in control. Its quite the opposite, being very friendly and safe to explore on your own with always help around.The Mexico sunset and palm treesAll the images on this post have not been edited in any way what so ever. Taken with the camera and using the tones and curves setting shooting in JPG then using the app transferred to the iPad and placed on the blog post. I wanted to give a true representation of what you can do with just a camera and no editing software.I will be posting all my film photos in a separate post. In the end I used 4 rolls of film.