Mystical Marrakesh

Mystical Marrakesh was a photographers paradise where a bunch of photographers got together for three days of fun traipsing around Marrakesh with its winding streets and mesmerising buildings.It all started at Gatwick Airport where we caught up with each other at the departure gate. There were seven of us altogether, four photographers, Barry, Barry, Stephen and Alison, along with myself and Dave the videographer (although Dave got a slightly earlier flight out from Stanstead) and not to mention Lisa, who organised all the hotel, transport and flights. After a three hour flight we finally touched down to be greeted by an amazing airport screaming out to have it's photo taken.The hotel transport was awaiting our arrival, although he looked like he was having a sleep slumped in a corner, but we were soon on our way heading to the hotel in the centre of Marrakech. We were dropped off just outside the Djemaa El Fna wall where Abdul was waiting with his wooden wheelbarrow cart that he loaded full with all our luggage before escorting us through the hustle and bustle and down the winding side alleyways to our hotel L'Heure D'Ete. We couldn't of expected a better hotel being run by a local Morrocan family, and I must say I'd defiantly return.On arrival it was a quick look at our rooms along with a debrief over mint tea before we ventured out into the 45 degrees midday sun for a pre scout around before all enjoying a Splendid evening meal of fresh local cuisine.Day Two, It was up early for breakfast as I'd arranged for a local guide to take us all around the local streets and key points of interest. The first stop was Palais Bahia for all its glory and architecture, with everyone in full swing snapping shots on the walk to the stunning palace.From the Palace it was a short walk to the Tombeaux Saadiens. This was a local burial ground for servants that worked in the palace, and once again the colours and mosaics were incredible. From there we ventured up past the main Royal Palais capturing shots of the Riad Mabrouk Mosque and through the winding streets to a local herbal pharmacist that would explain and show us all the local herbs and spices and how they are used for healing.Day Three had us arranging a minibus to take us out of the main walled city to Jardin Majorello Gardens, a tranquillity of blue yellow and green surounding you with a forest of bamboo with a spectacular blue house in the centre. We then made our way back into the centre for Ben Youssef Palace, before ending up at the photography museum where we would find some outstanding Panoramic views of the city from the rooftop while relaxing and having a drink.There is so much I could write about this trip, as we also ventured to the tanneries, got lost winding through the streets, and argued with the locals in a funny sort of way, not to mention eating in restaurants within the Main Square with amazing views of the mountains in the distance and eating the local food.A big thank you to everyone that came along to share this experience, and I look forward to our next adventure.