Night & Day

It was a cold start to our London photography street walk so the best place to meet everyone had to be Starbucks for introductions over coffee and get ready for the long walk ahead.We managed to get half way through the day before the rain started, but there was no stopping us with a little shower. After taking refuge under the main canopy of St.Paul's cathedral, keeping out of the rain, but still capturing some stunning shots we decided to make a move up towards Bank Tube station.The day street walk came to an end at 3pm  at the top end of the business quarter where we all gave our goodbye's and parted our own ways but for me the day wasn't over as I had an evening night walk to do.Meeting up with the second group at 18:30 we set off in a different direction to normal, to capture the main cross roads full of London Busses and traffic with Big Ben in the distance.Capturing some stunning long exposers we made our way to the bridge directly opposite the London Eye for some interesting shots from everyone. It was time for a coffee and to get some feeling back in to our frozen fingers on a very cold night before heading to our last location.The last location is a bridge I love taking photos off, and the trick is putting your cameras white balance in Tungsten to give some rich blue colours and a totally different look to the image. At 22:00 my tutoring was complete with a happy bunch of photographers. Big thanks for everyone that attended todays walks.Since writing this blog I've now had the pleasure of seeing everyones images from the day and night, amazing work!!