Olympus 25mm Pro Lens

The long awaited Olympus 25mm Pro Lens has finally been announced. On 19th September at 16:00 during the first day of Photokina, with Olympus live streaming from Cologne to the world. But let's just step back a couple of days, "why" I hear you ask. The answer being that I was lucky enough to get one on 16th to bring this review to life.

Olympus 25mm Pro Lens Unboxing

The brown box arrived by a closely guarded DPD delivery driver until the goods were exchanged. As always the Olympus packaging is premium, and so it should be for this kit. On removing the Lens from the box my first thoughts were how big it was compared to its little brother. The build quality is outstanding and it packs in a very impressive--- so feels nice in the hand.In the box you get a Lens hood along with a cloth dust pouch to keep the Lens in. Walking around the new 25mm Lens you now have a function button and a pull down focus collar, brilliant for zone focusing (a street photographers must). The older 25mm Lens came in with an impressive f1.8. Now rest assured. Your boka is about to get even better with the new Olympus 25mm Pro Lens, as its now f1.2. That's boka lushness.So I start off with some side by side shots of both lenses that you can see below. This giving a better perspective of the size difference.Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro LensTime to get them low apertures to the test. For this I've put the images over the top of each other. By using the sliders you can see the difference shot at f1.8 to f1.2 using the Olympus Pen-F camera.[twentytwenty]Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro LensOlympus 25mm F1.8 Lens[/twentytwenty]Above the image on the Left is the new Olympus 25mm Pro Lens shot at f1.2 and the image on the right is the older 25mm shot at f1.8. Below you will find two more side by side shots with the one on the left shot at f1.2 with the new Olympus 25mm Pro Lens and the one on the right shot at f1.8 using the older Olympus 25mm lens.[twentytwenty]Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro LensOlympus 25mm F1.8 Lens[/twentytwenty]All the images you see on this blog post have not been edited in any way. they are all right out of the Olympus Pen-F using the old and new lens with the creative wheel set to Colour as factory setting would be out of the box. I thought it was best to give a better interpretation of what the lens can do, and not my editing skills.Every lens gives different looks and interpritates colour differently with the camera its being used on. Glass is a big part of this and the coating they apply to the lens. My honest opinion is the new Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro Lens is their best yet, and will be my new go-two lens for street and wedding portraits.Lilly our Dog shot with Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro LensLilly our Dog shot with Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro LensTime for some size comparisons and lens information we all know and love. As the lens has not yet been announced at the time of writing this blog the information is pretty thin on the ground. I'll do my best to cover what I know about the Olympus 25mm Pro Lens.Olympus 25mm F1.2 Lens, Voigtlander F0.95mm Lens, Olympus F1.8mm LensThe image above is from the left Olympus 25mm F1.2 Lens, Voigtlander F0.95mm Lens, Olympus F1.8mm Lens. You can see the size compared to its equivalents but keep in mind the Olympus is Auto focus and the Voigtlander is totally manual.62mm filter threadTotal weight with hood 454g