Olympus Focus On Brighton

Saturday took me to Brighton to run a photography streetwalk for Olympus. It was to be a walk through the historic streets and to capture the amazing graffiti art, so this was the perfect opportunity to call on my good friend Gordon Laing from the best online review website, Camera Labs.Gordon's knowledge of Brighton is second to none, and boy he know some good spots to photograph, not to mention the best coffee shop in brighton. Time was short lived as Gordan had to leave us when we arrived at the Pier but a big thanks to all his help on the day.We all certainly captured some amazing street shots before we all made our way under the new Brighton pier for a bit of long exposers using Lee Filters 10 Stop, on their new Seven Five system on the Olympus OMD E-M1. I use mine with the 12-40 and a 62mm filter adapter keeping the kit small and compact.As we walked along the front of the beach I found a boat that was once used for fishing but now abandoned on the front for decoration. This made for some good B&W photography using parts of the boat to tell the story. I could imagine the boat being pushed out to sea for the days work ahead back in the days!We had time for one last coffee before calling it a day but not before Jez (the Olympus representative) tried to get his shot of the day "sunset with a passing seagull" after a long wait I think he pulled it off. Big thanks to Jez, as under the pier he was getting down and dirty on one knee helping the attendees out with their long exposer techniques.