Olympus Go’s To Snap

The summer has started and with that, photographers all over the world come out to play creating some amazing images. Whats more exciting is Olympus teamed up with some amazing wedding photographers and planners to take a 4 day trip to wales for the very first SNAP Festival.What is SNAP ? In short 4 nights, 3 days, 20 inspiring teachers, parties, camping and camp fires, all put together makes a festival for photographers. How cool is that ! With most of the attendees being wedding photographers not only did I come away feeling inspired but the wealth of knowledge and tips shared by all was overwhelmingly amazing.I had the privilege of teaching two workshops on lighting, and covering one photowalk across a rocky path winding along the river. What a walk that was! We came across a secret tunnel leading to a dis-used quarry. If you had a phobia of dark and small places now was the time to confront it. My pal John Nazzari did just that “proud of you John” with bats flying raound our heads we came out the other side to a breathtaking garden with moss hanging from the trees.My two workshops on lighting were a huge success with around 25-30 people attending. The first was on light painting and when the sun set it was time to start. By the time we started you couldn't see your hand infront of your face but there was no stopping us with torches in hand and the secret weapon “Pixel Stick” the crowd loved it, and so did I.The next day (or should I say 4 hours later) my second workshop started as it was the dawn shoot! Everyone came wondering up the hill and seemed only half awake. After the shoot with Anna Zella we all made our way back down the hill for some much needed wake up juice (coffee) and the first morning talk of the day.There is so much to talk about I can only imagine the stories and the friends I’ve made will be talked about for years to come. Big thanks to Babbs and the team.