Olympus M-Zuiko 75-300mm Lens

Olympus UK recently sent me out the M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 mark 2 Lens to be used on my OMD Streetwalk course I run in London and Windsor every month. As the summer was upon us this was a perfect opportunity to take the lens for a test drive and post some sample images for everyone to look over.Before I start on the performance of the lens and my thoughts on what photographer its for, I have to mention all the photos below are un edited and straight out of the camera with no post processing cropping. "all in Raw file format"We will start off with a size and construction. For this i've placed it side by side with the 12-50mm and the 45mm lens both from olympus and extremely good lenses. At first look you can see its a beast towering above the rest, but don't be mistaken for this, as it fits in the palm of my hand nicely measuring five inches high and three inches wide.The construction is of plastic but to a high standard, with a good solid feel to the touch, but still retaining the metal mount along with 58mm filter thread size. The performance of this lens is outstanding considering its a varied aperture, but still creating beautiful blurred out background. You will also be very happily surprised at the speed it still auto focuses and with very little back focusing making it highly aureate on moving objects.I headed out and took a series of test shots ranging in focal lengths, but keeping the ISO in the region of 200-400. Even when using this lens at 300mm you will still find yourself getting a sharp in focus shot, but this will be down to the 5 axis sensor in the OMD I'm using. If you're going to be using this for wildlife, and know you will be mostly zoomed all the way out I "would" suggest taking a mono pod out with you.Overall I do think this definitely is a must have lens for every photographer using the micro 4/3 cameras, giving you the opportunity to capture stunning wildlife and sport photography. When we get down to the price you can be expecting to pay around  £499, but for a lens that is equivalent to a 150-600mm on full frame 35mm format I would have to say its definitely worth it.