Olympus OMD EM-5

 The OMD EM-5 is a 16.1-megapixel compact, interchangeable-lens micro four thirds camera. It boasts a massive LCD touchscreen on the back and claims to be the world’s fastest focusing mirrorless camera.It’s got a design from the original OMD that was released back in 1972 and it’s pitched at people who want to get into DSLR photography but don’t really know what an F-stop is. Features like Live View will give you a look at what your photo will turn out like as you muck about with the camera’s retro twisty-knobs and the shot will actually turn out that way once you release the shutter.

What's Good ?

The most striking part of the OMD is the design. It begs to be picked up and played with, and rewards you when you do with a reasonably light 373g body and a sexy alloy finish complete with rubber grips.With a price tag of £1148, which includes the body and the 12-50mm splash-resistant lens. It’s a clever collared lens that lets you switch between manual zoom, electric zoom and macro modes with a little tug. Below is a macro photo taken of a microphone using the 12-50mm lens. Both the camera and lens are splashproof so you can keep using it when the weather turns on you, just don't try deep sea diving with it unless you have purchased the optional underwater case that is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 45 metres.Bootup time is lightning fast, I had my first image taken within two seconds in a lot of different light situations and speaking of lighting, the five-axis image stabiliser on the OMD works wonders when you’re shooting in low light.


Out of the box the OMD will be on firmware 1.2 and will be making some strange noises. When you first turn the camera on you will notice a fan like noise coming from the cameras body constantly and this is down to the 5 access Image stabilisation creating a field around the sensor according to Olympus when I spoke to them.The fix is a simple update that you will have to complete two times. The first time you plug the camera in to your computer and run the update program it will show firmware 1.4 is available. Once you have updated to 1.4 run the updater a second time and it will show 1.5 (the latest firmware at writing this post) is available and this will stop all the fan like noise.


Its no cheap camera thats for sure coming in with a price tag close to a professional DSLR but on the other hand it performs and in some cases outperforms the high end cameras. If your an ammeter photographer or even a photographer looking for a carry around camera then this is it and in my opinion one of the best mirrorless cameras around with the best selection of lenses.Take a look at our unboxing over at YouTube