Olympus OMD Streetwalk

One of the photography courses I run is the olympus OMD Streetwalk dedicated to all the photographers using or wanting to use the Pen and OMD cameras. With locations such as London and Windsor there's never a dull moment capturing some amazing photography with all the different styles being created from each member of the group attending.We headed in to London for this walk and what proved to be an extremely hot day despite  the weather forecast saying cloudy and rain. The sun was out and blue sky's all over. So after meeting up with all the fellow photographers are first stop was Starbucks for a group introduction and  background catchup over coffee. After introductions and our first dose of caffeine we headed to the Tate with our cameras at the ready to start taking photos.We were all having so much fun, and the group had plenty of questions for me to answer and direct them on how to capture people trails over the Millennium Bridge. As olympus supplied me with the new 75mm f1.8 lens, everyone had a turn using it to capture shots of the cathedral from over the bridge.The day went on to cover St.Pauls with another coffee break at our loving Starbucks. It was then on to Bank Street where there is some stunning Architecture all around, with hidden churches down back streets and old fashioned markets round the corner, we were all spoilt for choice on where to go and what lenses to use next on are OMD and Pen cameras.The walk was coming to an end after hopping on the underground over to the London Eye, there was an opportunity  to capture some street performers before heading over to our final destination Regent Street and this was for a well deserved sit down over coffee talking over all our shots from the day. I'm always amazed at other photographers approach and how they Interpret the scene around us, and the photos they visualise as the end result.We are all different in are own unique way and that's not a bad thing when it comes to photographers and there styles. Some photographers take years to find a style while others are more forthcoming. One thing is for sure the olympus OMD and Pen cameras are becoming more and more popular with professionals and amateur photographers, and with a wealth of features to help you create your visions when you're walking down the street.Feel free to head over to the course page for future course dates.