Paris Love Affair


Paris Love Affair would be the best way to describe how I feel about this amazing city. With a passion for London and the people surrounding the great city I find it hard to love other locations as much, then comes my Paris Love Affair.I've been to Paris many times in the past all at different times of the year. For me Christmas is by far the most romantic, exciting and colourful time of the year to go. With the Christmas lights and music playing every where you go. It really is a magical feeling and the perfect place to spend quality time with my better half Lisa.Each year in December we do a city break to kick start the Christmas spirit and festivities. Having been to New York for the past two years on the trot we both decided that Paris was overdue another visit. It was five years since our last visit to Paris, so we put our heads together and between use found a bargain Hotel in the City Centre. It was soon booked along with the EuroStar.Paris Love Affair started on the EuroStar with the bubbly flowing into our glasses. Yes thats right, you can bring your own tipple along and boy did we go through some bottles!.We can be a bit mischievous when you put us together in a public place. isn't life about having fun.The EuroStar train arrives into Paris Gare Da Nore central station. It amazes me how we can travel to a different country in around two hours for an average price of £65. In the UK it cost on average £98 just to travel to Newcastle one way and probably double the time.With a short walk we were at our hotel, clean and very polite staff. Dumping the bags down with a quick refresh we were soon heading out to start our exploring. With maps in one hand and the new Olympus OMD EM1 MKII in the other attached with the 12-100mm f4 Lens. On that first day we walked over 30 miles. We never take the underground or public transport on the first couple of days as you can miss so much. Being an explorer means getting totally lost and looking baffled to the locals. Only then are you a true explorer.It was a short stay covering three days and two nights. During this short break we certainly put in the miles, coffee and junk food. Hope you like a very small selection of the images that were all shot with the Olympus camera. Hopefully I'll get round to editing all of them soon.My Lisa isn't a photographer but she can take an outstanding image when she wants. She is also always pointing out them must have shots I don't even see. The shot below was taken by Lisa as we were totally lost one morning walking to the Notra Dom.Paris