Park Cameras Image Festival

I was asked by Olympus to attend the Park Cameras Image Festival at the Burgess Hill store in Surrey to demonstrate the video capability of the OMD EM5 MKII as I use it to record all my Youtube and tutorials.I was scheduled to run two workshops, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. There were other workshops running on a variety of subjects throughout the day from portraits to landscapes, bringing the best photography trainers together under one roof for the day.In my free time I was at the Olympus stand answering all the questions and helping new customers make their choice in cameras and lenses. Park Cameras did an amazing job bringing all the suppliers together for the day, along with some amazing things to take photos of outside from snakes to raccoons!Hope all the photographers are enjoying their new kit and I'm already looking forward to next weekend where i’ll be at Park Cameras London for part two of their image festival.Join me for a streetwalk with Park Cameras for Olympus by booking on at the Image Space website.