Park Cameras Image Festival London

Time to head into London for the second part of the Park Cameras Image Festival. With my alarm clock set for 6am it was in early start to get into London for a 9am start.For me the day started at Prets for a quick coffee and porridge, but what better way to start the day! It wasn't long before it was time for me to down the last of my coffee and make my way to Park Cameras. As I approached the store there were already a que forming outside.The Olympus stand looked amazing with Clare on hand full of infomation for the customers and their new cameras. At 10am it was time for me to head out on the first streetwalk of the day. Big thanks to the group for coming along and we sure did have a good morning walking around all the back streets.The afternoon group was a blast and as Im sitting at home writing this blog post I cant help but wonder how we actually made it through the extremly crowded streets due to the London Pride celebrations.Thankfully we all got back safe and sound with some amazing images.