Park Cameras Imaging Festival Burgess Hill

In the afternoon my shoot started at 14:45 and a welcome crowd who interacted with questions all the way through, and thats the sort of photographers I love. Hungry for info, keen to learn, and I'm  always happy to help out where I can. So we kicked of the shoot with a clothing change and a splash more make-up from our amazing Michael from Court On Cameras.Once again I demonstrated three point lighting using my Olympus Pen-F camera. For this part of the shoot we showed how moving the background light from left of Amber (our amazing model for the day) to being directly behind her. We also showed how much of a difference it makes lowering the background light and slightly pointing it up.
A big thank you to everyone for coming along, and please do post your comments below and I'll be happy to answer all your questions. Also thank you to Park Cameras and Olympus for making this happen, along with all the other suppliers.